Phone Sex Fetish In Australia

Sexual fetishes are normal everyone has there own thing. It is nothing to be ashamed of. In our industry, there are so many companies to choose from.

We aim at making your desires come to life. Our girls love BDSM phone play and are considered the best at it in Australia. Whether you are into BSM or just have fetishes we do not list just ask and one of our operators will help.

Our goal is to provide the most amazing sexual experience of your life is what we are here and paid to do. Call now and experience a world of fun and pleasure.

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How To Play Over The Telephone

Playing over the telephone in Australia can be an extremely enjoyable experience we want you to enjoy your time. There are some fetishes our operators will decline. They will be upfront about this in the introductory and you will not be charged for the first 2 minutes. Feel Free to check out our sister page sex phone. Live Australian phone sex can be a journey of a lifetime into a new realm of adult pleasure.

The Fetishes We Cater To

We cater to all types of fetishes

  • Bondage – cam and phone
  • BDSM – phone, and cam
  • Mums
  • Skinny & Fat Fetish
  • Big Boobs Small Boobs
  • Spanking and role play
  • Telephone ejaculation
  • Teen Porn Movies

We believe in safe sex online experiences and are here to help.

It all begins with the consent and ends with happy fun times endings no matter what. We are here to serve and please call us anytime day or night we are here to please your every need. We love Australia and are proud to be the number one site for fetishes. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • $4.95 per minute
  • 24/7 service
  • Voted best Australian phone sex fetish provider 2016
  • Non- Judgemental

Why use our credit card option? Our new credit card billing service allows you to receive a discount on your live sex call. Billing directly to your carrier we can only charge a per minute rate.  

However, when paying via card it allows you to buy a block of minutes that we can apply a discount too. If you are purchasing over 20 minutes via Mastercard or visa we will give you 5 minutes of talk time for free. This allows you the user a discount of roughly 25% on your call. 

IM chat service is now available via credit card billing. You are also able to use pay pal to purchase credits on this service. Our hot sexy girls will instantly message to you your deepest darkest fantasy. SO get your card out now and have time of your life. You must be over 18 years old to use this service as well as have the credit card owners permission.

Phone Sexual Experiences

Phone sex Australia is the number one fastest growing trend in the sex industry to date. We believe you can greatly enjoy the benefits of over the phone sexual experience. In cutting the time in half required to drive to an escort agency a fully qualified operator can be at your door in a matter of an hour. Phone sex is an ever-changing experience with each operator having their choice of fetishes that they thoroughly enjoy sharing with you. It is a major thrill to enjoy the company of someone you never have to speak to again.

Let us provide you with the best adult fun online.

Great sexual experiences are always mutual and we are here to please your needs whenever and wherever.

We also enjoy web cam services in which you find a quiet or noisy place pending your prefferances .

We love to show you our massive choice in women and will always go completly out of our way to thrill you however possible.

We love to please, we love your fetishes, we love to let you let us serve you. girls of oz live adult chat every day all day.

We believe in safe online experiences and are here to help.

It all begins with the consent and ends with happy fun times endings no matter what. We are here to serve and please.

A story From One Of Our Girls

I’m Remy and I am the MILF phone sex slut of your dreams. I like younger men and I love it kinky. Vanilla is such a bad word for me. It’s always more fun to take things to the taboo side when you have a chance to. Don’t you agree?

When it comes to fucking, I have no problem saying that I’m insatiable. I am in my sexual prime and I really just can’t get enough young dick. There’s nothing hotter to me than an 18-year-old boy who is up for doing whatever it takes to make me cum. They are just so teachable and willing. I guess they are just so grateful to be getting my hot pussy.

Summer is the best time when it comes to MILF phone sex. All the neighborhood boys are home alone while their parents go to work during the day. I’ve got quite a reputation in my town and I don’t really even have to go looking to find young dick. They just seem to show up at my door every day wanting their turn. And who am I to deny them? My husband is gone a lot for work and I get REALLY horny, so it just works out well for us all. Well, maybe not for my husband, but what it doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

Do you have a MILF phone sex fantasy that you would love to talk to me about? I can’t wait to hear it! Or maybe you fucked the neighborhood MILF when you were younger and you’d just love to relive that with me. I’m up for anything and everything you can think of. All you have to do is call me for MILF phone sex.